Dominions is largely a multiplayer game. As people discuss some elements heavily, they may be abbreviated. The following is a list of fairly common abbreviations and shorthand for reference use by new players. For slang not appearing in this list, try the search bar. For abbreviations not appearing in this list, consider the context of the conversation, as it is likely referring to a spell or item which was already being discussed. If those methods are unsuccessful, add the term to this list after asking the meaning.

  • SC: Supercombatant. A unit powerful enough to fight mage-supported armies.
  • NAP: Non-Aggression Pact. A form of formal diplomacy.
  • Booster: An item which increases a magic path by one.
  • Hammer: If not otherwise specified, a Dwarven Hammer, a specific item.
  • Rings: If not otherwise specified, Ring of Sorcery and Ring of Wizardry, two specific items.
  • GoH: Gift of Health, a specific spell.
  • RoS: Rain of Stones, a specific spell.

Magic PathsEdit

People tend to abbreviate magics as Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Nature, Death, aStral, and Blood, so for example you need an N5 (Nature 5) to cast Mother Oak, or a W3A1 to cast Freezing Mist without gems or whatever. The only really tricky one here is that Astral takes S while Air takes A.

Occasionally, Holy will also be used.


When abbreviated, scales universally use the first initial. A dormant Dom6 O3P0H1G3F1M3 is a dormant pretender with dominion 6 Order 3 Heat 1 Growth 3 Fortune 1 and Magic 3. The opposite scales would be T3S0C1D3M1D3, for turmoil, sloth, cold, death, misfortune, and drain. Notice that M and D are used twice. It may be necessary to use context to differentiate these, if the scales are not provided in an ordered line as here.

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