The admin value refers to a specific value of a province with a fort in it that dictates numerous things, including income, supply, and resources of the province in question as well as ones adjacent to it. Only forts have an admin value.

For income, admin directly affects the amount of income generated by a province as shown by the basic formula: Modified Income = (Population / 100) * (dominion scale modifiers) * (1 +fort administration / 200). So administration increases the income of a province by Admin / 2%

Supply wise, a fort uses the admin value to increase the supply of nearby provinces. If the province in question is within four provinces of a fort, fortress-based supply is added to the population-based supply. This uses the formula (Administration * 4) / (Distance + 1). Only the highest fortress-based supply is used if there is more than one nearby fortress.

The admin value of a fort determines the percentage of resources from neighboring provinces that the fortress can collect. As an example, a 30 Admin land fort will gather 30% of all resources from all adjacent provinces that are on land. A fort always collect 100% of the resources from the province it is built in and doesn't contribute any of these resources to neighboring forts. As well, taking 100% of all the resources from a province through either an incredibly high admin value or multiple forts bordering it prevent any sort of recruitment from that particular province. A land fort can never gather resources from underwater provinces and vice versa, even if they are bordering each other.

Admin Values of Forts Edit

Fort Admin
Palisades 20
Fortress 25
Castle 30
Citadel 35

Admin Values of Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Admin Value Cost/Months Prerequisite Notes
Wooden Towers 2 200/2 Palisades +50 Defence, Fires Arrows
Gate House 2 200/1 Fortress/Castle/Citadel +100 Defence, Fires Arrows
Towers 2 200/1 Gate House +100 Defence, Fires Arrows
Additional Towers 2 200/1 Towers, Gate House +100 Defence, Fires Arrows
Killing Ground 2 200/1 Gate House +150 Defence, Fires Arrows
Deep Well 2 100/2 +400 Supply
Supply Storage 2 100/1 +400 Supply
Underground Storage 2 200/2 +400 Supply
Roads 5 200/5 Plain/Forest Province Negates Difficult terrain in province

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