Units may suffer battle afflictions when they suffer damage. The chance to suffer an affliction is equal to the percentage of its total normal hitpoints a unit suffers on that strike. For example, a 10 hp unit hit with a 2-damage attack has a 20% chance to suffer an affliction. Location hit determines what affliction you may receive.

Afflictions are denoted by a red heart; the more red hearts, the more afflictions suffered. Diseased units may gain additional afflictions every turn. There are several methods to remove afflictions:

  • Units with the recuperation special ability heal afflictions over time (unless they have Old Age).
  • Units that are Immortal will heal afflictions over time.
  • Units with an involuntary shapechange mechanic (such as Jaguar Warriors of Mictlan) can sometimes

heal afflictions when they change back to their normal shape. This is checked every time they change back to their first shape, but it is not a reliable method of healing.

  • Units with the autohealer ability will cure a number of afflictions up to the value of the ability

automatically in the same province every turn.

  • Units with the disease healer ability will automatically cure a number of diseases equal to the value of

the ability in the same province every turn.

  • The global enchantment Gift of Health will automatically cure afflictions in the dominion of its owner

(including allied nations in disciple games as long as dominion is positive).

  • The artifact The Chalice will automatically cure up to 5 afflictions in the same province.
  • There are a few magic sites that can heal afflictions like a healer
  • Afflictions have a difficulty level that is checked against when subjected to healing. If the healing

check succeeds, the affliction is cured.

  • Undead beings cannot heal afflictions unless they have Recuperation or Immortality, except through

Gift of Health.

  • Afflictions caused by cursed items such as Eye of Aiming and The Black Heart cannot be healed

unless the item is removed first.

List of Afflictions Edit

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