Alteration is the school where most combat-only buffs and debuffs, and several game changing rituals may be found. Many of these spells are invaluable to super combatants or thugs, and nearly all have some use on the battlefield.

Notable spells are as follows:

  • Mistform, a must for any Super Combatant, it makes the target incredibly difficult to damage without magic weapons;
  • Body Ethereal, which causes the target to become Ethereal;
  • Mother Oak, a global enchantment that produces a large amount of nature gems;
  • Curse of the Frog Prince, which can forever end a low magic resistant super combatant's reign of terror;
  • Quickening, which grants a large number of troops quickening;
  • Utterdark, a global enchantment that extinguishes the sun and plunges the world into an eternal night where only the undead and cave dwellers can see, and;
  • Wish, an immensely powerful spell that allows the one who casts it to obtain whatever it is they desire, ranging from magic gems, to artifacts, to friends, to a swift death.