Evocation is the school of hurt, where the majority of combat-only spells that deal direct damage to enemies can be found. A large number of mages supporting a relatively small force of soldiers can utterly obliterate a larger force through use of evocations.

Notable Spells are as follows:

  • Rain, which can largely negate fire auras, such as the ones carried by Abysians;
  • Arcane Probing, which searches a province for Astral sites;
  • Magic Duel, which is a handy way of killing a single powerful astral mage by throwing a large number of S1 mages at it;
  • Thunderstrike, a very high damage spell that also has a small area of effect, ignores armor, has a reasonably low path cost and is rarely resisted;
  • Blade Wind, which launches a large number of non-magical blades at the enemy, wreaking havoc on masses of unarmoured infantry, but is nearly completely negated by armour;
  • Falling Fires and Frost, which are Fire and Water spells respectively, that cause a good amount of damage in a decent area of effect;
  • Storm, which reduces the precision of most units on the battlefield, rendering archers useless;
  • Gifts from Heaven, which calls down three meteorites to deal a truly staggering amount of damage to any units beneath them (provided they hit of course);
  • Stellar Cascades, a spell that causes fatigue damage instead of HP damage, large scale use of which can put entire armies to sleep;
  • Magma Eruption, a high damage, large area of effect spell that will make short work of any medium to unarmoured unit it comes in contact with, and leaves behind a heat aura which exhausts and damages anything caught within it;
  • Mind Hunt, which targets an enemy commander in a province and attempts to kill or maim them (beware as the caster may find the tables turned and become feebleminded);
  • Fire Storm, a spell which affects the entire battlefield and will cause a large amount of damage to any unit without fire resistance;
  • Rain of Stones, which is the number 1 method for chaff destruction, as it will kill most unarmoured units in one hit, and affects the entire battlefield;
  • Pillar of Fire, an easily cast, low fatigue, high fire damage spell that ignores armour in addition to a small area of effect;
  • Second Sun, a global enchantment that births another sun into the sky, increasing heat globally;
  • Maelstrom, a global enchantment that produces a large amount of water gems;
  • Flames From the Sky, a spell that targets an army in a province, and subjects it to a rain of fire resulting in the death of many of the troops, and;
  • Flame Storm, a spell that deals a large amount of fire damage in a very large area of effect, that, with luck, can wipe entire armies out.