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Leda is a frozen land peopled by peculiar avian beings who are at home both on the land and in the sea, but who thrive only in the coldest of climates. They use weapons of magical, never-melting Ice, and their capital is built around an ancient and mysterious monolith, called the Eternal Ice, which inexorably spreads their bitterly-cold climate to lands outside their dominion.


Leda is a strange land of hard, frozen tundra surrounded by frigid seas and glacial ice. It is the home of the Ledani, a peculiar avian people at home both in the water, where they hunt and tend to their bountiful fisheries, and on the surface, where they have raised intricate and majestic structures of magical Ice. Though the Ledani are odd of shape and awkward, they are surprisingly sturdy, agile and adaptable. They are strongest in cold and aquatic environments, and become weak and vulnerable in warmer lands. Ledan society centers around a mysterious and magically-radiant monolith they call the Eternal Ice, which freezes the lands and enables the crafting of wondrous objects, both practical and artistic, from enchanted, never-melting Ice. Once a reclusive and isolated people, the Ledani have found in it the power to spread beyond their ancestral land and forge an empire. Now, the ascendant god of Leda seeks to cover the world in its icy embrace.

Social Structure Edit

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Nation contentEdit

Units Edit

Sprite Name Type Description Cost Res Path H
Ledan settler
Ledan Settler Milita Unit Settler militia are Ledan commoners who are sent to colonize and defend the far-flung lands brought under the icy dominion of Leda. Given only rudimentary training and armed simply with spears and the natural resilience of their people, they are of limited tactical usefulness. In their own element, they can be passable fighters, but the Ledani are people of the ice, and their strength, skill and mobility are severely affected by any but the coldest climates. 7 2 No
Ledan fighter
Ledan Fighter Unit The fighters are the main line soldiers of the garrisons of Leda. They are trained to fight reasonably well on land, but are at their best in the sea where their bulk is an advantage, and where they can take advantage of their natural ability to move gracefully through the water. Fighters are armed with the traditional weapon of the Ledani, a deadly trident crafted of Ice enchanted to be as hard and resilient as metal, and to never melt even in fire. They wear no armor, but carry smallshields. The Ledani are people of the Ice, and their strength, skill and mobility are severely affected by any but the coldest climates. 10 4 No
Ledan defender
Ledan Defender Unit Ledan defenders are landfighters, specially-trained to fight and hold their ground on dry ground while shielding their comrades from the enemies’ slings and arrows. They are armed with long spears and simple shields, and wear armor made from sealskin leather. Armor is a burdensome and uncomfortable hindrance that makes it difficult to move in the water for the Ledani, and Defenders find underwater fighting more difficult than their unarmored peers. The Ledani are people of the Ice, and their strength, skill and mobility are severely affected by any but the coldest climates. 12 9 No
Ledan longice
Ledan LongIce Unit The Long-ices are the sacred guardsmen of Leda, drawn from the ranks of the stoutest and most vigilant defenders. They stand guard over the Cult halls, temples and royal Ice structures, and act as bodyguards for the Ice Keepers. Garbed in sculpted Ice caps and supple seal-leather armor reinforced with Ice rings, they have abandoned the shields used by their former peers and now wield Ice pikes, the longest weapons used the Ledani. They are trained to a surprising degree of skill with these awkward but deadly weapons, and a line of Long-ices are formidable opponents able to quickly dispatch ranks of armored soldiers and to keep larger enemies at bay. Like the defenders, their armor hampers their ability to fight and move in water, and, like others of their kind, their strength, skill and mobility are severely affected by any but the coldest climates. 15 15 Yes
Ledan icethrower
Icewind Javelot Unit Icewind javelots are devout Ledan warrior-athletes who train intensively with the javelin, often competing ritually in the traditional athletic games of Leda. They treat the throwing of javelins as a meditation on the harmony of Wind and Ice, and can throw them with such superb strength and accuracy that they routinely practice by throwing wriggling

fish high into the air and piercing them through with a javelin before they land. When sent to battle, icewind javelots are given blessed javelins with heads of exceedingly sharp, enchanted Ice that afflicts enemies struck with an intense cold. They are sacred to the people of Leda. Like other Ledani, they are weaker, slower and more vulnerable in any but the coldest temperatures.

15 7 Yes
Ledan flagbearer
Ledan Flagbearer Unit In the icy wastes of Leda, frequent snowstorms limit visibility and make it difficult to keep dispersed units together. To solve this problem, the armies of Leda use flagbearers who carry elaborate, magically-glowing standards in battle, serving as rallying points and inspiring the soldiers to greater bravery and fortitude. The standards themselves, constructed of Ice and bearing special enchantments, are considerably lighter than the wood and metal standards used by the warmlanders, and Ledan flagbearers are uniquely skilled in using them as

passable weapons both defensive and offensive. Indeed, they have been known to block warmlanders' arrows using the broadened, shield-like guardpieces mounted on the shafts.

20 11 No
Ledan bearcav
Ledan Bear Rider Unit (Cap Only) Long ago, the arctic bears of the tundra hunted the Ledani, and the

people of the Ice feared them. But when the Ledani learned language, they could defend themselves against the bears. When they mastered icecraft, they could make weapons to hunt them. And when they mastered magic, they could master the bears. The legendary Green Hermit Zelened, it is said, taught his disciples to tame the white-furred monsters for battle, and his disciples became the Bear Riders, fearless veteran landfighters foolhardy enough to ride such dangerous beasts. The Bear Riders adhere to the Cult of the Bear, a traditionalist splinter sect of the Ice Keepers which is tolerated but not officially recognized. The magic used to permit the taming of the arctic bears makes them subject to the same bond the Ledani have for the cold, though it does not confer upon them the ability to live underwater.

50 11 No
Ledan icewarrior
Ledan Ice Warrior Unit (Cap Only) The warriors of the Ice are the elite soldiers of the Kingdom of the Eternal Ice, able to landfight better than many warmlanders. Powerful of limb and body, they carry blessed javelins into battle, hurling them into the enemy ranks before closing to fight with Ice glaives and Ice shields. They are armored in fine, specially-prepared sealskin armor studded with rings of Ice, and wear Ice caps. Deadly both at range and in close, the Ice warriors are honored as the finest infantry the Kingdom can field, and are anointed as sacred by the Cult of the Ice Keepers. As with others of their kind, their ability to fight underwater is reduced by the wearing of armor, and they become weaker and more vulnerable in any but the coldest climates. 20 23 Yes
Ledan krilan
Krilan Unit (Mountain Only) Krilani are a sectarian group composed exclusively of Ledani born with some feathers. Symbol of the ancient time, Krilani think they are the direct descendants of Neboled and that their feathers should provide them a higher status in Ledan society. While respected and even sometimes adored by Neboled worshippers, they are too few in numbers to hope overthrow the Mage cult and have decided to live in the heights. 15 11 Yes
Ledan wavefighter
Ledan Wavefighter Unit (Coast Only) Wavefighters are a sect of warriors who adhere to a minor cult devoted to Vodled, the mythical Ledan werewhale who symbolizes the purity and bounty of the sea. Spending almost all their time under the waves, they are superb swimmers and are unmatched among their kind at the art of underwater fighting. Recognizable by the odd three-finned helmets they wear, they are seen as peculiar, unorthodox and vaguely heretical. However, they are sanctioned by the Kingdom and have the blessing of the Cult of the Ice Keepers not only because the Vodled cult is unthreatening and stresses loyalty to the prevailing order, but also because the wavefighters are a superb underwater fighting force who have turned the tide of more than one battle, earning the love and respect of the people of Leda. Like other Ledani, they are strongest in the cold, and become weaker, slower and more vulnerable in warmer climates. 15 10 Yes
Ledan holyflagbearer
Ledan Holy Flagbearer Unit (Cap Only) From time to time, when a Ledan warrior has distinguished himself both in martial virtue and piety, he is chosen by the Cult of the Ice Keepers for the sought-after honor of being trained and anointed as a holy flagbearer. Given fine icering sealskin armor and entrusted with a sacred battle standard crafted and enchanted by the Ice Keepers themselves, these blessed Ledani are warriors of zealous devotion to the glory of the Eternal Ice and symbols of its power, revered by the soldiers around them as guarantors of victory. Ledan soldiers in the presence of a holy flagbearer are far more likely to hold the line against unfavorable odds than they might be otherwise, perhaps partially out of knowledge that to break and flee while under the banner of the Ice Keepers is a disgrace that may indeed be punished with exile or death. 50 29 No
Ledan taigawarrior
Ledan Taiga Warrior Unit (Forest Only) Taiga warriors are the foresters and guardmen of the cold forests of Leda. Serving as treecutters and maintaining the Ledan arborfields, they use their sharp Ice axes both as weapons and tools. They hail from the sparse taiga Ledan communities that have existed on the fringes of Leda from time immemorial, sometimes trapping reindeer and hunting seals. They are a hardy people, and consider themselves distinct from the Ledani of the settled areas, whom they normally avoid except to trade their harvested lumber for fish and other goods of the city. Taiga warriors wear sealskin armor and carry Ice bucklers along with their axes. 12 6 No
Ledan taigajavelot
Ledan Taiga Javelot Unit (Forest Only) Taiga Javelot are hunters and guardmen of the cold forests of Leda. They hail from the sparse taiga Ledan communities that have existed on the fringes of Leda from time immemorial, sometimes trapping reindeer and hunting seals. They are a hardy people, and consider themselves distinct from the Ledani of the settled areas, whom they normally avoid except to trade their harvested lumber for fish and other

 goods of the city. Taiga Javelots wear sealskin armor and imbue their Ice weapons with poison distilled from local herbs.

12 8 No
Ledan hunter
Ledan Sea Hunter Unit (Coast Only) In their undersea hunts, the Ledani can be subtle, moving like sharks and striking like sea snakes. The hunters of the People of the Ice are skilled at stealth and concealment under the waves, and can move through enemy waters undetected, striking where they are unexpected and keeping the Ice Keepers and the warleaders of the Eternal ice Kingdom informed on the movements and resources of their undersea enemies. However, their marine hunting skills are of little use on land, and Leda relies on animal spies to keep it abreast of news on its land-based enemies. Sea hunters carry Ice harpoons which they can hurl underwater a short distance, wounding their quarry before they close in with the traditional Ice knife they use in the hunting of large game. 12 5 No
Ledan tundrawarrior
Ledan Tundra Walker Unit (Waste Only) Ledani are a social and industrious people who find themselves most comfortable in coastal settlements. Some, however, have taken to a nomadic life, and travel the arctic wastes with their herds of reindeer, hunting and fishing from time to time and trading with the settled Ledani. These Ledani of the tundra clans call themselves the tundra walkers. They are accustomed to defending their herds from raids by warmlanders and on occasion raiding them in return, and are fiercely protective of their territories and eager to expand them. The warriors of the Tundra clans carry traditional Ledan weapons, the Ice trident and Ice javelins. Like other Ledani, they are strongest in the cold, and are at a disadvantage in warmer climates. 14 8 No

Commanders Edit

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Initial Cost

New path cost Dom

Magic Path

Ledan eternalice
Eternal Ice 200 160 4 W3A2
Abilities: #battlestartsummon Ice Guardians/ #domsummon Iceskin Templars / #noitem / #immobile / #inanimate / #amphibian / #pierceres / #slashres / #unteleportable / #gemprod 1W per month / #gemprod 1A per month / #coldres 50 / #fireres -10 / #poisonres 25 / #iceprot 3 / #coldpower 1 / #cold 20 /
Description : Many years ago, ice sculptors carving a new coastal home discovered a large block that was impervious to their tools and could not chipped, etched or even scratched. As they carved out the ice around the strange block, a fae wind began to blow in toward it, and it seemed to fill the cavern with a comfortable icy chill. Excited at their discovery, the sculptors studied it for many months, and found that inside the block was a dark obelisk adorned with an odd symbol. More importantly, they found that they could use its power to form tools and other objects of Ice that were not only as hard and resilient as the ones their icecrafters have made since the times of old, but that would not melt even when placed in fire. These sculptors formed the Order of the Eternal Ice, and called themselves the Ice Keepers. Only a few of them know that the Eternal Ice itself is alive and has awakened, and has its own secret purpose, which it now seeks to fulfill by becoming Pantrokrator of this world.
Ledan pretenderair
Neboled 160 3
Description: According to the stories of the Ledan elders, the Ledani were once a flying people, with beautifully-plumed wings that sparkled in the sun. Their ancestors could effortlessly fly great distances over the world when it was still untainted and properly covered in ice. But when this paradise was lost, they left the skies and took to the oceans to glide among the fish, settling in the only part of the world that kept its crystalline beauty. The Ledani have since forgotten how to fly, instead becoming sleek swimmers, agile of limb and strong of body. While some Ledani are still born with limbfeathers, there are fewer and fewer every generation. The Neboled, the Ledan titan of Air, was a king of old and is the last of the flying Ledan, able to soar above the lands, keeping watch over the children of his people. He has little fear of lightning and dances on the highest mountaintops during storms.
Ledan pretenderwater
Vodled 160 3
Description: The Vodled is a mysterious being revered by the people of Leda as the first of the Ledani to dive beneath the waves, leading his people in their exodus from the warming skies. He is the embodiment of Water, and is often celebrated in their art and hymns as a titanic Ledan who roams the seas near their glacial settlements and swallows entire schools of fish, sharks and other delicious sea creatures to bring back to the beaks of his people. He is indeed a Ledan titan, though he often chooses to walk the lands as a Ledan of normal size but of striking aspect. In either form, he has three ‘tails’ on his head, instead of one, and the cult of the Wavefighters honor this by wearing their peculiar three-tailed helmets. The Vodled has an enormous appetite, though when in the sea he is capable of satisfying his own needs while still providing bounty to his people.
Ledan pretenderhero
The Frozen One 110 3
Description: The Frozen One is the guardian of the Eternal ice and the warmaster of the Ledani. He is never mentioned in the old tales, but according to the prophecies of the Ice Keepers he is a sacred titan of the Ledani who has lain hidden, deep in the glacial ice, for ages, and will come if ever there is danger to the Eternal Ice. This time has come and the Frozen One has surfaced to lead the people of Leda to victory against their enemies. The Frozen One is a huge, strangely-alien being composed of pure, living Ice. He carries a great Ice trident and exudes a bone-chilling cold. The people of Leda both revere and fear him, as he shows no compassion and little tolerance for error, questioning or disrespect.
Ledan bloodaltar
Blood Altar 160 300 2
Description: The Frozen Altar is a mysterious artifact discovered near the Eternal Ice. Thought to be a fragment of the sacred monolith, it was declared a sacred object and taken to the Frozen Tower for study. Unfortunately, it disappeared within a fortnight. A hue and cry was raised by the Council of the Ice Keepers, and the garrison arrested many and searched every corner of the city, but it was never found. Unknown to the vexed Keepers, the fragment was taken by the Blood Cult, likely with assistance from inside the Tower. Hidden in the cult's secret tunnels beneath the city, the blood mages of the cult used magic to mask its location while they performed dark rituals and sacrifices over it. Eventually, their work came to fruition, and the magic of the fragment was warped by a powerful demonic sentience who came to abide within it. This sentience, freed from an ancient prison, has corrupted the Ice Keepers and rules over Leda, eager to drive it to conquest its bid for ascendance.
Ledan totem
Ancient Totem 160 300 2
Description: The Ancient Totem of the Ledani is an intricately carved pillar of enchanted Ice that represents the ancient traditions of the Ledani upheld by the Cult of the Bear. No Ledani know its age, but it is an ancient object, described in the sacred writings long before mention of the discovery of the Eternal Ice. The spirit which inhabits it is a spirit of the living beings that roam the tundra and the oceans, and heals the faithful brought before it. A wise, oracular being, the spirit of the Totem uses the eyes, ears and noses of its many animal servants to observe the omens protect its people from ill fortune and calamity in their city. Brought by the Ice Keepers to touch the Eternal Ice, the Totem is now bonded with the monolith. It continues to permit the Cult of the Ice Keepers to rule, a fact resented by the traditionalist Cult of the Bear. The Ancient Totem has a strong allure to all living beings, and animals of the ice frequently come to do its bidding.

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