Lesser Magic Items are low level magical items which require at least level two Construction to forge. Most are more complex than trinkets & often require multiple or higher level magical paths to forge in comparison. Likewise, they also often cost more. These items grant the wearer specialised benefits, most of which are situationally useful. Probably the most sought item here is the Owl Quill, due to its research boost & inexpensiveness.

Table Legend

  • F = Fire
  • A = Air
  • W = Water
  • E = Earth
  • S = Astral
  • D = Death
  • N = Nature
  • B = Blood

Damage Legend

  • S = Slashing
  • P = Piercing
  • B = Blunt
  • M = Magic
  • AP = Armour Piercing
  • AN = Armour Negating
  • D = Poison
  • E = Shock
  • NS = Strength of wielder not added

Single Handed WeaponsEdit

Item Name Level Gems Damage Attack Defence Length Extra Effects
Sceptre of Authority F1 F5 BFM4 (AP) 1 0 1 Command +25; Spell: Combustion
Thunder Whip A1 A5 EM10 (AN) (NS) 0 0 5 n/a
Smasher E2 E10 BM10 1 0 1 On hit: Shatter (M20; only damages lifeless beings)
Main Gauche of Parrying E1 E5 PM3 0 4 0 Not actually good at parrying
Star of Heroes E2 E10 BM12 4 -2 2

Attack +2 vs Shield; On damage: Break Armour

Faithful E1S1 E5S5 SPM7 1 3 1 Luck
Dwarven Hammer E3 E15 BM8 0 -1 1 Supposedly enhances forging
Bane Blade D1 D5 SM6 1 2 2 On damage: Decay
Rod of the Leper King D1 D5 BM0 1 0 1 Undead Command +50; afflicts wearer with Disease
Duskdagger D1S1 D5S5 PM2 (AN) 2 0 0 Ignores protection
Serpent Kryss N1 N5 PM4 (AP) 2 1 0 Poison Resistance +5; On damage: Death Poison (DM35 (AN) (NS))
Knife of the Damned N1S1 N5S5 PM4 2 1 0 Wearer is Cursed; On damage: Curse

Double Handed WeaponsEdit

Melee WeaponsEdit

Item Name Level Gems Damage Attack Defence Length Extra Effects
Holy Scourge F1 F5 BM4 (x3 vs undead/demons) R -2 3 Strikes twice in one combat turn; Attack +2 vs Shield
Lightning Rod E1 E5 BM3 2 4 4 Corpse construction bonus +3; Shock Resistance +15
Ice Pebble Staff W3 W15 BM3 2 4 4 Spell: Numbness; Cold Resistance +5
Halberd of Might E1 E5 SPM16 0 0 4 Strength +4
Hammer of the Mountains E1 E5 BM25 -2 -4 4 n/a
Bane Blade D1 D5 SM9 2 3 3

On damage: Decay

Gloves of the Gladiator N2 N10 BM3 1 1 0 Strikes four times in one combat turn
Staff of Flame Focus F1 F5 BM3 2 4 4 Increases the province range of all ritual spells involving Fire magic by one
Doom Glaive D1S1 D5S5 SPM16 2 2 4 Small Area Curse & Decay: anyone near the wearer will become afflicted

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Item Name Level Gems Damage Range Precision Ammunition Extra Effects
Just Man's Cross F1 F5 PM15 (AP) (x3 vs undead/demons) (NS) 35 4 12 Attacks once every two rounds
Longbow of Accuracy A1 A5 PM15 (NS) 45 30 12 n/a
Piercer E1A1 E5A5 PM12 (AN) (NS) 35 10 12 Ignores Protection; Attacks once every two rounds
Black Bow of Botulf D1 D5 PM15 (NS) 40 5 12 On damage: Feeblemind (makes level 1 mages useless)







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