Lure is a special action some commanders can do, typically the Sirens of EA Oceania, but is also the effect that the Global Spell Lure of the Deep puts on all enemy commanders in friendly dominion and in coastal provinces. First there is a magic resistance check (Enemies MR +DRN vs 10 +DRN, followed by a morale check against the lure ability (Enemies Morale +DRN vs 10 +DRN). The lure can only be used in coastal provinces. Failure doesn’t cause an assassination battle, which makes the Siren’s attempt rather safe. If successful, the target drowns himself, or enters the sea and attacks the Siren, and whatever else is there, if the commander can breathe underwater somehow. This only affects Male commanders. Female commanders are unaffected, and those wearing Bear Talismans aren't eligible for the Lure attempt. Male commanders wearing a Cat Charm are treated as females, and are likewise unaffected.

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