Overview Edit

A human kingdom ruled by a royal family of great men. Machaka uses many different animals for warfare and has light to medium infantry as well as archers. Priests and Witch doctors from various clans give Machaka a wide range of magical skills. Machakans dislike cold lands.

Background Edit

Machaka is an old sacral kingdom divided into totemic clans. The clans follow their totemic spirits and worship them as bringers of civilization and tell myths about their interactions with men. For centuries the Lion Clan has dominated the others and formed a unified kingdom under their wise rule. The Lion Clan is blessed by Lion and are superior to other men. The Great Men of Mababwe, called 'Colossi' by Arcoscephalian historians, have ruled the plains since Hyena was coerced to teach metalworking to men and Rhino was defeated by spears longer than his. From Great Mababwe, the semi-divine Colossi of the Lion Clan rule their lesser kin as sacred Kings and Queens. There are many totemic clans, but some have been more influential. Hyena, Rhino, and Spider all serve Lion with their totemic masters' skills and guidance. Recent contact with Berytos and other nations has seen the rise of ambition among the Colossi royalty and the Lion Kings are preparing for the Awakening of Lion. Machakans prefer hot lands.

Units Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic
2126 1
Pygmy Unit 5 1 No N/A
2298 1
Machaka Militia Unit 7 2 No N/A
2299 1
Bird Clan Archer Unit 10 3 No N/A
2300 1
Machaka Warrior Unit 10 2 No N/A
2303 1
Hyena Clan Warrior Unit 10 5 No N/A
2304 1
Rhino Clan Warrior Unit 12 13 No N/A
2305 1
Lion Clan Warrior Unit 14 6 No N/A
2306 1
War Lion Unit 20 1 No N/A
2307 1
War Elephant Unit 100 20 No N/A
2301 1
Spider Clan Archer Unit (Cap Only) 15 4 No N/A
2302 1
Spider Clan Warrior Unit (Cap Only) 12 5 No N/A
2308 1
Spider Rider Unit (Cap Only) 50 4 No N/A
2309 1
Lion Warrior Unit (Cap Only) 40 26 Yes N/A
2288 1
Machaka Scout 25 3 No N/A
2289 1
Rhino Clan Commander 40 13 No N/A
2290 1
Lion Clan Commander 75 8 No N/A
2291 1
Voice of Lion 80 2 Yes Path N1 Path H1
2292 1
Hyena Clan Witch Doctor 165 1 No Path F1 Path E1 Path D2
2293 1
Bouda 215 3 No Path F1 Path E2 Path D2 Path R1
2310 1
Voice of Spider 75 3 Yes N/A
2403 1
Spider Clan Witch Doctor 80 1 No Path F1 Path D1 Path N1
2295 1
Spider Clan Sorcerer 175 1 No Path F1 Path D1 Path N1 Path R2
2297 1
Lion Queen 320 8 Yes Path F3 Path E1 Path N2 Path H1 Path R0
2296 1
Lion King 350 11 Yes Path F2 Path E1 Path N3 Path H2 Path R0

For a more detailed unit description please see page 167 of the manual.

Strategy Overview Edit

general discussion of pretender design, strengths and weaknesses, counters

Strategy Guides Edit

links to pages where people can submit their own in-depth guides

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