A fabled mountain range which holds a valley said to lead to the secret of immortality, guarded by mythological creatures of great power placed there by the previous Pantokrator and for once not killed or imprisoned by Him by his whimsy.

In-game references Edit

The Scorpion men which are summonable by C'tis and Abysia are said to be the guardians of this mountain range, that those nations cn summon them implies they are the nearest to said range but it's circumstantial at best.

The Scorpion King Pretender is apparently the leader of the Scorpion men, and if chosen it is said that he gains his power from the secrets that he was meant to be guarding. The fifteen nations that can have him as a Pretender does include Abysia, giving more credence to it being near them, but exclude C'tis. The others being Cealum, Ragha, Machaka, Ur, Breytos, LA Arcoscephale and all eras of Hinnon, if we take this to give us a rough suggestion of where the Mountain is then it's likely to be in the waste which Hinnon and Abysia fight over but near the Plains of Ragha as that explains the connection to Cealum and Machaka.

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