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Oceania is an underwater realm of half-men. They can remove their tails and walk on dry land. The Capricorn is a powerful Nature and Water mage, but loses some of his power if he leaves the sea. Sirens can take birdshape and lure enemies into the sea. The legendary Bishop Fishes lead the Cult.

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Oceania is an underwater realm of tritons and half-men. Since the Atlantians emerged from the deeps, the tritons have lost their former domains. Many of the pearl cities have been destroyed and royal bloodlines wiped out. Only with the Fall of the Star was the Atlantian onslaught halted. The Starspawns of the Sunken City enslaved the Atlantians and consumed their will. During the war between Atlantis and R'lyeh, a new God emerged from the depths and the Triton Kings were able to muster their forces and found allies in the mermen and ichtysatyrs of more shallow waters. Now it is time to reclaim the deeps and conquer the world. Wise and powerful Capricorns, mages of the sea and shores, have been given the task of conquering the wild inlands. Sirens, magically skilled mermaids, lure men to watery graves with their beautiful songs.

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