A Prophet is special unit designation in Dominions. Each nation can only have 1 prophet at a time. Note, in Disciple games, no nations can create prophets.

To become a prophet, any commander (except a god) can be given the command 'Become Prophet'. That unit becomes a level 3 priest. If it was already a level 3 or higher priest, it gains 1 level of holy casting.

When a prophet is killed, a new one cannot be created for some time. The player will receive a message that the last of the prophets power has left the world, at which point a new prophet can be created.

Prophets provide one temple check a turn.

During battle, prophets always have the benefit of their god's bless.

Claiming Thrones Edit

Prophets are an important unit in Dominions because they are always at least a level 3 priest. In many nations, this is the only unit that will be able to claim thrones before your Pretender wakes up (if you took your god Dormant or Imprisoned).

Choosing a Prophet Edit

Most commonly, players choose one of their two starting commanders to become a prophet. This is often done on the first turn.

By choosing the commander to become the prophet, you free up the scout to behave like a scout and explore around your capital. Additionally, the commander has access to Holy 3 spells, which gives the commander something to do in your expanding army and keep them from running in behind your troops.

By choosing the scout, you create a stealthy priest who can push your dominion outside of your borders via its free temple check.

Other good options for prophets are:

- Commanders who can fly. This results a Holy 3 caster that can move around the map quickly to wherever they are needed.

- Commanders who are already level 3 priests or higher. This results in a priest with an increased casting level and access to higher level holy spells.

- Thug commanders who could benefit from the pretender's bless or the dominion strength bonuses.

Effect of Dominion strength of a Prophet Edit

The hit points of pretenders (and prophets) are affected by the current dominion in their province. Pretenders and prophets in friendly dominion will have increased hit points, while in enemy dominion their hit points will be reduced. The greater the dominion, the greater the effect. They also get increased strength and magic resistance.

For each level of friendly dominion in a province a prophet and/or pretender gains:

● +1 strength

● +½ magic resistance point

● +20% hit points

For every level of enemy dominion in a province, a prophet and/or pretender loses

● –1 strength

● –½ magic resistance point

● –10% hit points

Hit points cannot be reduced to zero.

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