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From the manual Edit

Province defense (PD) is a way of protecting a province without actually stationing an army there. Defense is purchased at a cost of whatever the new defense level will be. So to buy the first level of defense costs 1 gold, while the tenth costs 10 (and to get to 10, you have to buy the intervening levels as well, so ultimately a PD of 10 costs 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55). [Exception: certain population types may be “friendly” to the conquering nation, such as the Bear or Wolf Tribes and Early Age Ulm. In this case, each level of province defense costs two gold less than it would otherwise. (min. cost: 1)]

Until you build a fort the province defense is composed of local troops. When you build a fort the local troops are replaced by an increased number of national troops.

At defense level 1, a nation gets a commander and some troops. Each level of defense thereafter gives you more troops, which are shown as you increase your province defense. The maximum level of province defense is 100. At level 20 you get additional types of commanders and troops. These are national troops even if you don't have a fort in the province.

Every 10 points of province defense reduce unrest by 1 point in that province per turn. So 53 points of province defense would result is a recurring unrest reduction of 5 each turn.

Starting at level 15, province defense will have a chance of detecting stealthy units in that province. Each point of province defense above 15 gains one point of patrolling strength, so that a PD level of 25 has a patrol strength of 11. This is about the same as an equivalent number of patrolling infantry units.

A province can only support provincial defense if it has sufficient population. For every point of province defense, there must be 10 points of population. If this is not the case, province defense will be reduced accordingly at the end of the turn. This is the only way in which province defense can be reduced, other than having the province be captured, which wipes out all existing province defense, or relinquished (in disciple games), which reduces provincial defense by 25%. Once you have built province defense, you cannot reduce it in future turns. The down arrow does not work then.

Descriptors Edit

Province Defence Level Description
0 The province has not organized any province defense
1-5 The local defence of this province only consists of one officer and a few loyal henchmen.
6-19 The local defence of this province appears to be quite well organized.
20-34 The local defence of this province appears to be very strong and well organized
35+ The local defence of this province is exceptionally powerful and very well organized

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