Ragha is a dual kingdom of cold resistant and winged Airyas and heat resistant Turans. The mages are skilled in most paths except Nature. Raga has skilled archers and trains Gryphon rider Immortals.

Background Edit

Ragha is a dual kingdom of fire and ice, rage and serenity. Half of the population are Abysian descendants from the isolated colony of Tur, and half the population are Airyan refugees from Caelum. Tur was a distant and prosperous Abysian colony founded after a suggessful military campaign against the gians of Ashdod. But the war with Asdod had been taxing and the colony was cut of from the kingdom by an Arcoscephalean campaign through the fertile lands previously conquered from the giants. For centuries Tur was left alone and an independant kingdom formed. Then came the Caelians. A great host of iceclad warriors descended upon the Turan armies on the plain of Ragha in the mid of winter. The Turan Shah realized that Tur could not stand up to the Caelians for long. Tur was on the brink of destruction when the attacks suddenly stopped. Civil war had broken out in Caelum and the campaign was aborted. Instead Caelian refugees and deserters settled on the plain of Ragha. Airyan Seraphs approached the Turan Shah and peace was negotiated. When the Harab Seraphs of Caelum attacked, the Airyas were saved by the Gryphon riders of Tur. This sealed the truce and a strange alliance was formed. Ragha is now a society of two peoples united out of necessity. During winter the Airya reigns and during the summer Tur reigns. Even faith has evolved to mimic the legacy of the two peoples. Two different groups of beings are adored and worshipped. But this is starting to change. The One True God has arisen. The peoples of Ragha suffer less from hot or cold climates than other nations.

 Units Edit



Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic Temp
Paighan Unit 8 9
Turan Infantry Unit 11 19
Turan Heavy Infantry Unit 13 22

Turan Horse Archer

Unit 27 12
Turan Calvary Unit 30 30
Savaran Cataphract Unit 40 43
Savaran Guard Unit 45 47
Turan War Elephant Unit 100 62
Turan Spahbed Commander 100 44
Zhayedan Unit (cap only) 125 60 Path H
Zhayedan Spahbed Commander (cap only) 200 60 Path H
Airya Archer Unit 10 7
Airya Light Infantry Unit 10 11
Airya Infantry Unit 10 16
Iceclad Zhayedan Unit (cap only) 20 40
Airya Scout Commander 25 13
Airya Spahbed Commander 50 38
Paighan-Salar Commander 35 18
Karapan Commander 100 1 Path H
Dastur Commander 215 1 Path H
Turan Sorcerer Commander 225 1
Athravan Commander 100 2 Path H
Zaotar Commander 215 2 Path H
Airya Seraph Commander 225 2
Turan Shah Commander 170 39 Path H
Airya Shah Commander 130 32 Path H

 Strategy Overview  Edit


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