Definition Edit

The resource value of a province, representing raw materials needed to make weapons and armors. Resources are reduced by unrest, like income. Resources are collected by forts from neighboring provinces. A province only produces half of its potential resources for use in that province unless it contains a fort. The number shown is the number actually being produced, not the potential.

Impact of unrest Edit

As a province’s resources are allocated to recruitment, the hammers in the capsule screen are progressively greyed out. Resource availability in a province is reduced by unrest according to the formula

Resource (%) = 100 / (100 + unrest)

Thus, an unrest level of 100 means a province produces only one half of its normal resources.

Furthermore, no units may be recruited in a province with an unrest level of 100 or greater.

Building a fort in a province greatly increases the number of resources available there.

Impact of Scale Edit

Use Edit

Units have two costs: gold and resources. In the world of Dominions, a unit’s training is reflected in its gold cost, while its equipment requires the resources. Expect highly skilled units to cost a lot of gold, heavily equipped units to cost a lot of resources, and highly skilled, heavily equipped units to cost a fortune.

Units may only be recruited in a province in a given turn based on that province’s current resources, but they may be queued for following turns. This makes it possible players to recruit units in provinces that don’t produce enough resources to fulfil that unit’s resource requirement in a single turn. Units that cannot be built in the current turn, but are in the queue, are dimmed in the recruitment area.

Things to add: Edit

  1. Resources amount as function of province type? (Forest, Mountain, etc...)

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