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Shinuyama is a nation of Bakemono, ghostly goblins of the wilderness. Some of them have supernatural abilities such as an aura of fear or shapeshifting abilities.

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When the entrance to the Netherworld closed, the Oni became fewer and fewer. Their Bakemono slaves and human servants rebelled, and when the last of the Dai Oni died, the realm was taken over by Bakemono Kings. Human smiths were forced to reveal the secrets of metalcraft and the Bakemono have become ready to conquer the lowlands from the humans. The Bakemono still live in a tribal society ruled by the strongest and most powerful of their kin. The Bakemono are a diverse kind. Huge lumbering O-Bakemono, proud Dai-Bakemono, strange shapeshifters and ghostly apparitions all heed the call of the Bakemono Kings and the Awakening God.

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general discussion of pretender design, strengths and weaknesses, counters

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