A "Site" is a randomly generated modifier found in a province. A Site can be found either through events or, more commonly, through Site Searching. The vast majority of sites give you a monthly income of one or more magic gems, and are how you will generate much of your gems throughout a typical game. Magic sites are ranked on a scale of 1 through 6, signifying how high a mage's magic path has to be to find that site. (For example, a Level 6 Astral site would require an S6 mage to find.)

Site Searching Edit

There are two kinds of Site Searches in the game, referred to as 'Manual' and 'Spell-based':


A manual site search involves bringing a mage to a province and ordering him/her to 'Search for Magic Sites'. The advantage of this type of search is that the mage will search for all sites of the paths they have access to. For example a mage with E1A1 would search for Level 1 Earth and Air sites. The downside is that the mage will likely not have the level(s) of magic required to find higher-level sites in the province, if they exist.


Each school of magic has it's own site search spell, detailed in the table below. All of these spells search as Level 9, and are guaranteed to find sites of the associated magic type if they exist in the province. The downsides are that a mage can only cast one per month, require a minimum path level, and they cost a specific number of gems.

School Spell Name Gem Req Path Req Research Req
Air Auspex 2 Air Gems A2 Thaumaturgy 4
Earth Gnome Lore 3 Earth Gems E2 Thaumaturgy 4
Fire Augury 2 Fire Gems F2 Thaumaturgy 3
Water Voice of Apsu 2 Water Gems W3 Conjuration 4
Astral Arcane Probing 3 Astral Pearls S1 Evocation 3
Death Dark Knowledge 4 Death Gems D1 Conjuration 3
Nature Haruspex 2 Nature Gems N2 Thaumaturgy 3
Blood Bowl of Blood 5 Blood Slaves B1 Blood 2

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