Long ago it was prophesised that during the final battle which decides the fate of all, <CASTER> to help spread the word of <CASTER'S PRETENDER>. Now that prophesy has been fulfilled and devils haunt the dreams of his <sic> enemies, threatening and cajoling the weakest of their flocks to turn against their masters. An outrage has been commited against your divine person. The godling of <CASTER'S NATION> has invited devils into the dreams of your subjects, in order to steal them away from you. While the devils can only haunt your subjects inside <CASTER'S PRETENDER>'s dominion, the threat and the insult of the <CASTER> 's infernal dealings cannot be born. Tear apart this hellish compact, cleanse the dreams of your subjects from this impure presence and visit vengeance upon <CASTER>'s body and mind.

Blood 9, requires B8 and 150 blood slaves.

There is a possibility that a unit under an enemy commanders command in your dominion will attempt to assassinate its commander with a devil. Enemy soldiers may decide to attack their commanders. Up to 5 attempts occur, and are randomly distributed among enemies in the caster's dominion.A unit must take a morale check if the commander has Fear or is Sacred. The attacking soldier is accompanied by a devil. 

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