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Tir na n'Og, Land of the Ever Young, is a blessed isle ruled by a magical race known as Tuatha and their Sidhe descendants. Fir Bolg, lesser descendants of the Nemedians, compose much of the population. The Sidhe and Tuatha are able to weave illusions to hide their true appearance.

Background Edit

Tir na n'Og is a blessed isle surrounded by whispering mists. It is the home of the Tuatha, a highly magical race descended from the Nemedians who once warred with the Fomorians. The Tuatha have made themselves lords and masters over the Fir Bolg, a lesser race descended from the same Nemedian ancestors. With the aid of the Fir Bolg, the Tuatha attacked the Fomorian giants and almost succeeded where the Nemedians failed, but eventually the Fomorians proved too powerful and the Tuatha were driven back to their Blessed Isle. The Tuatha and their Sidhe descendants have turned to crafts, poetry and magical arts, but some have chosen the path of war and have become warriors and generals of great renown. The Fir Bolg, inferior to the Tuatha, but still far superior to ordinary men, compose much of the population and serve as farmers and lowly warriors.


Race: Tuatha, Sidhe, Fir Bolgs, Illusions

Military: Fir Bolg Infantry, Sidhe Infantry, sacred Tuatha Warriors

Magic: Spell Songs, Air, Nature, Water, some Earth

Priests: Average

Units Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic
Fir Bolg Militia Fir Bolg Militia Unit 10 5 No N/A
Fir Bolg Champion Fir Bolg Champion Commander 40 12 No N/A
Sidhe Warrior Sidhe Warrior Unit 25 12 No N/A
Sidhe Champion Sidhe Champion Commander 160 19 Yes 1A 1N 1H
Tuatha Warrior Tuatha Warrior Unit (Cap Only) 35 22 Yes N/A
Ri Ri Commander (Cap Only) 370 12 Yes 2A 2N 2H 1.1(AWEN)
Fir Bolg Scout Fir Bolg Scout Commander 28 12 No N/A
Fir Bolg Warrior Axe Fir Bolg Warrior Unit 13 9 No N/A
Fir Bolg Warrior Spear Fir Bolg Warrior Unit 13 10 No N/A
Fir Bolg Slinger Fir Bolg Slinger Unit 11 2 No N/A
Sidhe Lord Sidhe Lord Commander 265 16 Yes 2A 1N 2H
Cu Sidhe Cu Sidhe Unit (Summon) N10 /7 N/A Yes N/A
Tuatha Sorceress Tuatha Sorceress Commander (Cap Only) 385 1 Yes 3A 2N 2H 1.1(AWEN)
Bean Sidhe Bean Sidhe Commander 200 1 Yes 1A 1W 1N 1(AWEN)
Baobhan Sidhe Baobhan Sidhe Commander 145 1 No 2A
Fir Bolg Druid Fir Bolg Druid Commander 70 2 No 1A 1(WEN)

Strategy Overview Edit

  • Stealthy glamoured elite sacred fort-recruitable thugs that can make good use of Frost Brands and Vine Shields in its Sidhe Lords.
  • Stealthy glamoured elite sacred cap-only units in the Tuatha Warriors
  • Good chaff in the form of Fir Bolgs
  • Lightning Bolt fort-recruitable assassins in the Baobhan Sidhe
  • Thunder strike, Storm + Summon Storm Power, Arrow Fend, Aim
  • Fog Warriors, Phantasmal Armies, Mass Flight

Needs: Weaknesses/Counters/Pretender Design

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