Overview (Lore) Edit

Ulm is a nation with a barbarian legacy. They are strong and proud and worship steel and spirits of the wild. The warriors of Ulm are stealthy and well versed in the ways of the wild. The warrior smiths are master of magical forging.

Ulm is at war with EA Ermor, and is eventually conquered by them.

Overview (Gameplay) Edit

Ulm's troops are exceptional melee combatants and competent archers, but their barbarian heritage leaves them with low magic resistance. All have forest and mountain survival and many have stealth, giving them a mobility advantage. Ulm's smiths and shamans have a smattering of all magic other than astral and blood, focusing on earth; they have weak priests and a weak capital-only mage. The smiths produce extra resources.

Background Edit

Ulm is a land of cold mountains and dense forests. These wild lands were settled by proud and fierce barbarians in ages past. Their ancestry has made the inhabitants of the forests stronger and more resilient to the cold climate than ordinary men. Upon becoming men, youngsters are given a single knife and left in the forest at first snowfall. Those who survive the winter are allowed to return to their family. The barbarians of Ulm live in small settlements ruled by chieftains and warrior smiths who search for the Enigma of Steel. Steel is a sacred metal and its maker is as well. Smithing has become the equivalent of making a sacrifice to the Lord and no other culture has developed such skill in forging magical items. Horses are rare and those who use them in warfare are held in contempt. Sneak attacks, on the other hand, are common, and many warriors use stealth to engage opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

Units Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic
Unit Archer-0
Archer Unit 10 6 No N/A
Unit WarriorMaiden
Warrior Maiden Unit 12 13 No N/A
Unit AxeWarrior
Axe Warrior Unit 10 10 No N/A
Unit Warrior
Warrior Unit 10 10 No N/A
Unit ForestWarrior
Forest Warrior Unit 12 16 No N/A
Unit MountainWarrior
Mountain Warrior Unit 12 16 No N/A
Unit ShieldMaiden
Shield Maiden Unit 13 13 No N/A
Unit SteelMaiden
Steel Maiden Unit 14 13 No N/A
Unit IronWarrior
Iron Warrior Unit 14 13 No N/A
Unit SteelWarrior
Steel Warrior Unit (Cap Only) 28 17 Yes N/A
Unit Warrior
Warrior Scout Commander 25 10 No N/A
Com WarriorChief
Warrior Chief Commander 75 17 No N/A
Com WarriorSmith
Warrior Smith Commander 105 13 No Path E1Path R1
Com Shaman
Shaman Commander 135 5 Yes Path E1 Path H1Path R1
Com AntleredShaman
Antlered Shaman Commander (Cap Only) 220 5 Yes Path E2 Path N2 Path H1Path R0

For a more detailed unit description please see page 158 of the manual.

Strategy Overview Edit

Ulm has exceptional national melee troops in Steel and Shield Maidens, and good archers. The smiths and shamans provide excellent diversity, but no single strong path. Ulm should leverage the power of moderate Earth magic (Strength of Giants, Destruction, Earth Meld, Blade Wind) to allow its strong melee troops to dominate the battlefield. Fire-random Smiths can contribute with fireballs after casting Phoenix Power, using a gem or Fire in a Jar. It is a nation that is very strong in Year 2-3 wars, and needs to leverage that power. The sacred Steel Warriors are competent enough but don't warrant a big bless.

Ulm has great diversity to find gems, but lacks high paths to make optimal use of them. Thus a pretender capable of forging higher-end boosters and cast big rituals is very helpful; you can get A2F3E4S0D3N3W4 with national recruits including 1/32 randoms. Ulm also lacks astral access but will find Antimagic access crucial on the battlefield; this must come from a pretender or indies.

Ulmites get partial cold resistance, has weak priests, and prefers a cold +1 dominion. Their Capsite, the Irminsul, provides +1 Death Gem, +2 Nature Gems, and +3 Earth Gems.

Troops Edit

Ulm's troops are interesting because most can be recruited from either forts, mountains and/or forests. They also all tend to have mountain and/or forest survival, and map move 2. Stealthy +40, poor Magic Resistance, and Cold Resist +5 seem to also be the norm.

Steel Warrior: Sacred. Cap Only. Wields a length 3 great sword. Has Mount and Forest survival, and map move 2. Has resist cold 8, meaning it won't take penalties from fighting in cold provinces.

Archer: Wields a generic short bow and short sword. Is recruitable in forts, as well in any forests and mountains. Have Mountain and Forest survival, and resist cold 5. Are slightly better than independent archers, and for what it's worth, are female.

Axe Warrior: Dual Wields Axes, and has 2 throwing axes for some ranged damage. Has Ambidextrous 1, so it doesn't take any attack penalties. Is recruitable in any fort, forest or mountain province. Has Stealthy +40, and the ubiquitous Resist Cold +5.

Forest Warrior: Dual Wields Axes, and also gets 2 throwing axes. Only recruitable in forests and/or forts. Also has Ambidextrous 1, and Resist Cold +5. Has slightly better stats all around compared to the Axe Warrior, with the caveat being it isn't recruitable in mountain provinces, is slightly more expensive gold and resource wise, aren't stealthy, and has 5 encumbrance instead of the Axe Warrior's 4.

Iron Warrior: Only recruitable in forts, and wields a maul, making it one of your few soldiers that deals blunt damage. Has Mountain Survival, Forest Survival, and Resist Cold +5.

Mountain Warrior: Recruitable in both mountain provinces and in forts. Wields both a broad sword and an axe, and has Ambidextrous 2 as well as Resist Cold +5.

Shield Maiden: Recruitable in both mountain provinces and in forts. Rocks a short sword, and is one of your few units with a shield. Like many of your units, has Resist Cold +5 and Stealthy +40. Is Female, for whatever that's worth.

Warrior: Recruitable in Mountains, Forests, and Forts. Dual Wields a broad sword and an axe, and has Ambidextrous 2 to insure it gets no attack penalties. As well, is Stealthy +40.

Warrior Maiden: Only recruitable in Forts. Is Female. Gets a short sword and a short bow, and is set apart from the Archer by it's superior armor, and by being Stealthy +40. Has Cold Resist +5. Female.

Commanders Edit

Much like its troops, Ulmite commanders all tend to have Forest Survival, Mountain Survival, Cold Resist +5 and Stealthiness. It only has level 1 priests, but a bunch of diversity among its mages. Ulm has bonkers diversity if your pretender has A4E4

-E3 (Smith)->E4 (Earth Boots)->E5 (Staff of Elemental Mastery)->E6 (King of Elemental Earth+Staff)

-W2 (Smith)->W3 (Water Bracelet)->W4 (Sea King+Bracelet)->W5 (Robe of the Sea)->W8 (Queen of Elemental Water+Bracelet+Robe+Staff)

-F2 (Smith)->F3 (Staff of Elemental Mastery)->F4 (Flame Spirit+Staff)->F5 (Flame Helmet)->F7 (King of Elemental Fire+Staff+Helmet)

-A4 (Pretender)->A5 (Winged Helmet)->A8 (Queen of Elemental Air+Helmet+Bag+Staff)

-D2 (Shaman)->D3 (Skull Staff)->D4 (Mound Fiend+Skull Staff).

Antlered Shaman: Sacred. Cap only. Slow to Recruit. Level 1 Priest with N2E2 with 10% FEDN. Has Mountain Survival, Forest Survival, and Stealthy +40, as well as Cold Resist +5. Can Lead Around 40 regular troops and 20 magic ones.

Shaman: Sacred. Level 1 priest with E1 and 100% FEDN and 50% FEDN. Recruitable from any mountain or forest province with just a Lab and a Temple, or any province with a Fort. Is Stealthy +40 and has Cold Resist +5. Takes a -2 penalty to Research due to being an Inept Researcher, and can lead around 10 regular units at -1 morale and 5 Magic Beings.

Warrior Smith: E1 with 100% FAWE and 50% FAWE. Only recruitable in Forts with a Lab. Has a Forge Bonus (1) meaning that it forges items at a 1 gem discount, and Resource Bonus (5), meaning that it grants the province it is in an additional 5 resources. Has the same old Cold Resist +5, mountain and forest survival most other Ulm troops get. Can lead around 40 troops, and 5 Magic Beings.

Warrior Chief: Recruitable in Mountains, Forests, or in Forts. Is Stealthy +40, with Map Move 2 and Forest and Mountain Survival. Can lead around 80 troops.

Warrior Scout: Stealthy +40, with Mountain and Forest Survival and Resist Cold +5. Is Ambidextrous 2, which is useful for it's axe and broad sword.

National Summons Edit

Sloth of Bears: Conj 3. N2 10 Nature Gems. Caster summons 10 great bears, with each nature path above 2 increasing the number of great bears by +2.

Pretender Edit

EA Ulm have the Irminsul, the Tiwaz of War, the Great Mother, the Forge Lord, and the Green Dragon as Cheap Pretenders, and they all cost 20 points less.

Strategy Guides Edit

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