Overview Edit

Ur is a nation of wild men, Enkidus, led by the priest-kings of the First City.

Background Edit

Ur is a warm plain inhabited by Enkidus, large, hairy wild men with horns and unkempt hair. Once upon a time all Enkidus lived in the wild, frolicking with feral beasts, but when the Enkidus met with the Avvim, some Enkidus adopted their ways of life. Now there are three Enkidu tribes. The members of the first tribe live pastoral lives and are led by shamans of remarkable power. The second one is a ferocious, swamp-dwelling hunter-gatherer society led by Head Hunters and Bone Readers. The third tribe are the ones who adopted the Avvite way of life, agriculture and metalworking. It is they who founded Eridu, the First City. In the city a great temple was built and the kings of Eridu were inaugurated as priest-kings and rulers of the young nation. In the cities of Ur, where metalworking is common, medium and heavy infantry is raised. On the plains and in the swamps of the nation nomadic Enkidus gather and form quickly levied raiding parties. In the Swamps of Ur, near Eridu, live ancient dragon-kin known as Sirrushes. They are benevolent and powerful beings sacred to the Enkidus.

Units Edit

table with sprites

Strategy Overview Edit

general discussion of pretender design, strengths and weaknesses, counters

Strategy Guides Edit

links to pages where people can submit their own in-depth guides

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