<Caster> has blown in the horn of the hunt. The Wild Hunt once more, as it once did, roams the glades and forests. The Hunter has heeded the call of the <the Pretender's Titles> and haunts the forests of the world in search for the servants of his master's enemies. The priests of other pretenders huddle in fear and their subjects, noting they cannot protect them, whisper heretical lies amongst themselves.

You must silence the horn of the hunt, and mount the Hunters head above your twisted pillar, how else can you show that the right to true divinity is yours and yours alone. You must not let this omen of the upstart of <nation> remain.

Conjuration 7, N6, 50 gems.

The Wild Hunt causes assassination attempts by various bands of canine monsters, exactly one of which each turn will include an N5E1 Horned One pretender chassis. If the Horned One is killed, the enchantment ends. Dire Wolves, Wolves, Black Dogs, Barghests, and Cu Sidhes are typically some of the units that show up. Assassination attempts can only occur in forests, and while multiple assassination attempts can occur per turn, any given commander can only be affected once per turn. Commanders are preferentially attacked based on holy-level, with H3+ commanders being targeted before H2 commanders, H2 before H1, H1 before sacred, and sacred before mundane.

The Horned One may carry gems, and will have access to the spells researched by the player controlling the enchantment. If Thaumaturgy 7 is researched, he may cast Charm, which will result in the battle ending, with the charmed unit switching sides but remaining in the same province they were attacked in.

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